My story

one day in October 2015

Of the thousands of possible lives, every man with stubbornness, tenacity and trust chooses the one he deems most appropriate for himself. Almost everyone, at least I think, will have woken up in the morning and said: "I have to change my life! I'm tired of feeling oppressed by this number system."

Because that's who we are, numbers. Those of a serial number written on a card, those of the quantity produced, those of the hours more or less, those of the salary date, those of the minutes lost in traffic to go to work and those we spend doing it rather than living.

Many wake up with good intentions, and then turn off the alarm clock and turn over in the sheets. There are some who instead decide to put their foot off the bed. This is exactly what I did one day in October 2015.

For years I have diligently played my role as site surveyor. I lacked for nothing: a secure and well-paid job, a girlfriend (now wife) next to me whom I love and with whom I could enjoy one or two holidays a year, a car, a motorbike, in short…everything a normal person can ask from life. An enviable situation based on recent statistics, which also allows you the luxury of getting a dog, getting married, building a house and imagining a child.
Yeah, but then why put that foot off the bed? Why follow that idea that everyone thinks is crazy? Simple, because when one has courage and puts away one's fears, one chooses to take the big leap into the void: no mathematical certainty that everything will go well, no economic certainty...but certainly the certainty of trying to change one's life for the better.

It doesn't happen overnight, this is clear: first anger takes over, anger becomes restlessness, restlessness leads to insomnia, insomnia precedes frustration and then...

The calm after the storm clarifies the direction: I drop everything and change my life.

Not everyone does that, but it does for me. I chose to write my song and live a slow life, according to the times dictated by me.

The elders say that nothing comes from nothing and, taking the saying at his word, I roll up my sleeves and decide to start an agricultural business. I take over some land and a vineyard belonging to my wife's family, completely unaware of what the countryside was and what one could get out of it. I create a vision and decide to focus on three products to diversify my offer: oil, hazelnuts and wine. There are many difficulties, the money saved over years of work begins to flow in one direction, but the will overcomes all obstacles. Day after day the road continues to be uphill, but I understand that to get to the top I don't have to look up, but just put one foot after the other.

I create a small hazelnut plantation, bring the olive grove back into force, restore the vineyard. Nature has its times and if you choose to respect them, you have to be patient. I'll have to wait to see the hazelnuts born, I'll have to wait to see his activities at full speed, but I'm in no hurry. If you work in Nature you don't have to rush!

Now, after six years of activity, I feel proud of my organic oil and my wine production. But the product that I have cultivated with the most love and that has borne the best fruit is my happiness.

Precisely because it is nice to explain your life dream to people in person, I organize events at sunset in the middle of the vineyard: in the intimacy and quiet that only nature can create, under a starry sky, tasting my wines, eating healthy, all accompanied by good music…

My story is that of a man like many others who, at a certain point, decided to choose who to be and how to live, to be the determinant of his events and to take the watch off his wrist.

What I would like to convey to you is that with good will and determination we can be what we want, even if we have everything to learn and very few certainties. My experience teaches me that when you pursue a dream, enthusiasm multiplies your energies and you find the strength to do unthinkable things.

Forces that I didn't even imagine I had before, precisely because we were forced to be satisfied in everyday life.

No one dies as long as they live in the hearts of those who stay

Ugo Foscolo

That peasant comes to mind,
because he took care of the vine row by row. I remember him fondly because perhaps he was a man of honor. Today I am handing down the tradition because I believe it is an opportunity. Grape after grape, leaf after leaf to make you want to drink Lagus

Luigi Celentano