My company

since January 2016

Tired of the system that imposes rules on us and with the desire to create a "world" that respects my ideas and my person, in January 2016 in Sugano, a small fraction of the Municipality of Orvieto located on a rocky slope of the plateau of Alfina, at 436 meters above sea level, I decided to create a small agricultural reality based on respect for nature and its cycles.

Without any experience of land and agriculture but with a lot of good will, I roll up my sleeves, take over some land and a vineyard belonging to my wife's family and start this new adventure.

To diversify the offer, I decide to bet on three products: oil, hazelnuts and wine.

The latter represents the spearhead of the company and is the result of the precious grapes of a one-hectare vineyard, planted way back in 1969, located near the characteristic Laghetto di Sugano at 260 meters above sea level, on clayey soil, facing towards the suggestive panorama of the Rupe di Orvieto.

The careful and constant control of all phases of the production cycle, the vinification carried out with the most modern technologies and the aging in the cellar dug into the tuff, gives rise to a nectar made up of about 4000 bottles of Orvieto Classico Superiore: the LAGUS.

Always in the same land, in the other hectare left, abandoned for years, I created a vineyard young in age, but with firm roots in the past as the new vines are nothing more than the reproduction of the vineyard from which the Lagus is obtained .

How can a red wine not be missing? Near Sugano, in about half a hectare of land, from Sangiovese grapes, I manage to obtain a unique and important wine for its meaning and its history: the SAVEIO.

No one dies as long as they live in the hearts of those who stay

Ugo Foscolo

That peasant comes to mind,
because he took care of the vine row by row. I remember him fondly because perhaps he was a man of honor. Today I am handing down the tradition because I believe it is an opportunity. Grape after grape, leaf after leaf to make you want to drink Lagus

Luigi Celentano