When I got tired of this numbers system with all its rules, I decided to create a “world” which respects my ideas and me as person. Therefore, in January 2016, I created a small “agricultural reality” with a foundation of respect for nature and its cycles. The farm is located in Sugano. Sugano is a small village in the municipality of Orvieto which is situated on a rocky slope of the Alfina plateau, 436 meters above sea level.

With no real experience in agriculture but with great determination, I rolled up my sleeves, took over some agricultural land and a vineyard that belonged to my wife’s family, and started this new adventure.

To increase the options offered, I decided to aim for 3 products: olive oil, hazelnut and wine.

The latter is the crown jewel of the company. It is the result of the precious grapes of a vineyard that is less than 5 acres large. This vineyard was planted in 1967, and it is located near the small Lake Sugano, which is where the name Lacus comes from. It is 260 meters above sea level in clay soil that overlooks the beautiful distant view of Orvieto plateau.

The careful control in each phase of the production cycle, the wine making with modern technologies, and the aging in a tufa cellar yield 4000 elegant, distinct bottles of Orvieto Classico named Lacus.