Welcome to the website of Podere Acquaccina.

It is not always the past that can tell us who we are. Sometimes the fact you have a higher purpose defines the present. The passion our means, the excellence our goal. “The more one lives alone on the river or in the open country, the clearer it becomes that nothing is more beautiful or great than to perform the ordinary duties of one’s daily life simply and naturally”. (Rabindranath Tagore)

First I would like to thank you for being here.

Before I tell you about my company, I would first like to share my own story as I believe it’s important to get to know the person behind a company.

Below you will find an article which was written by a good friend of mine and published in a popular blog. This article perfectly tells about the most important period of my life, during which a big change in my way of life occurred. ( read article ).